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 What is My Vocapp?

My Vocapp is a simple, but extremely effective FREE app that allows you to do 3 things:

  1. Write and store new words that you want to remember in a language that you are studying,
  2. Study them in a simple, fun, and extremely effective way,
  3. Visualize and quantify your vocabulary

My Vocapp is: an incredible tool that will help you expand your vocabulary

My Vocapp is not: a) a dictionary b) a language course

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Who is My Vocapp for?

+   Students studying for exams? It’s a MUST!
+   Professional with international clients? It’s a MUST!
+   Someone studying a new language? It’s a MUST!

Memorizing new vocabulary takes time. This app will maximize your time, and minimize stress. It will increase your learning time, and reduce your study time. My Vocapp will raise your standards, and lower your fear.

How do you use My Vocapp?

Easy. When you find new words in English, enter them into My Vocapp. Then, every day play the testing game. You can (and should) test yourself every day. It’s easier now thanks to My Vocapp. You can use it wherever you are.

When importing words from the Preloaded list, you should import 20 or 30 words at a time. This makes it more challenging!

When you are testing yourself, and you check the meaning of a word, if you knew it 100%, choose the green button. If you knew 0%, choose the red button. Anything in between, choose the yellow button!

Now go learn some new words!!!


Video Tutorials:

1)   General introductions

2)   Adding Words

3)   Importing words

4)   Deleting words

5)   Testing

6)   Statistics


The simple idea is:

   If you don’t know the words, it is impossible to understand.
   If you know the words, it is possible to understand.

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This app is the 3rd ‘generation’ of an idea used by an English language teacher. The teacher, and creator of this app, used to give his students specially-made refill pads at the start of the courses. On the right side of every page was a separated column with the word ‘Vocabulary’ at the top. His idea was for students to keep all their new vocabulary in an easy to find location, making studying new vocabulary easier. This is not a new idea. People have been doing it for years.

However, he noticed that whilst it was working, it wasn’t working as well as he would have liked. So, he changed the format.

The refill pad was too big to carry around with you. He was always telling his students “if you are on the bus, or in a café and have a few free minutes, take out your vocabulary and go over it”. So, he decided to change the refill pad into a smaller notebook that could be carried around more easily. There was a notable improvement.

Then one day during a class, a student suggested that having the same thing as an app would be fantastic. My Vocapp was created over the months that followed. The teacher found a very talented app developer and together they produced My Vocapp. Studying vocabulary acquisition and how memory works permitted them to create algorithms that imitate natural scenarios and then to create the app based on these algorithms.

The result is My Vocapp. An app that will allow you to carry your new vocabulary with you wherever you go, and when you have a couple of minutes to spare, you can take advantage of this wonderful app to improve your vocabulary!

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